Benefits Info/Links

Southern Electrical Retirement Fund (SERF) - 1-800-809-6774. 

IBEW / NECA Family Medical Care Plan 
Administrator - Anthem (not BC/BS of Georgia anymore) 
Toll Free-(877) 937-9602 

To check your insurance hours go to: 
To log in: 
Enter your username: SS# (no spaces or dashes) 
The password is your birthday: year/month/day + your zip code (no spaces or dashes, see example) 2013062737210 

Vision Plan: VSP (Vision Service Plan) 
1-800-877-7195 or (to find a VSP doctor) 

Dental: Metlife 
1-800-942-0854 or 
Prescriptions: Save-RX 
1-866-233-4239 or 

If any of the plans say your insurance has expired, you should call the Administrators to see why. 

Lineco - (800) 323-7268