Insure Tennessee fate shows apathy, excuses defeat leadership-Feb. 13th

Obama the byword, Obama the bogeyman, Obama the barrier … to progress and good governance in Tennessee. 

The president really has nothing to do with it, but it's the politicians who are using him and his name as a fear-mongering reason to shirk leadership and refuse to take bold action for the benefit of the state – be it on health care, transportation or education. 

The defeat of Insure Tennessee is a symbol of what we should expect to come from this General Assembly in 2015: short-sightedness, fear over facts, little resolve to tackle big problems and Republicans cannibalizing each other in factional power struggles. 

It's not what we deserve when 280,000 working poor people can't afford to buy health insurance, when the state can't afford to build roads and when key educational indicators put Tennessee in the bottom 10 states in the nation