Political Action

 Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey has proposed an amendment to the Tennessee State Constitution that would enshrine "Right to Work" legislation into the Constitution. Senate Joint Resolution 648 (the Kelsey Amendment) has already received the number of votes required to add it to the ballot this November. This act is a thinly veiled attempt to further suppress the labor movement in Tennessee. Click on the link and do your part to help...



PRO Act 

The Protecting the Right to Organize or PRO Act is lacking serious support in the US Senate. This bill has the potential to reverse "Right to Work" legislation at the federal level. Contact our Senators to let them know that you support the PRO Act and you would like to see their support as well.

Contact US Senators for Tennessee

The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee is an extraordinary organization that focuses on utilizing the human resources of our labor unions and local communities in efforts to improve the lives of the working class in Middle Tennessee. Follow this Link to go to their website and get involved.

Are you looking for a way to actively participate in the labor movement? It only takes your time and your voice to get involved.

-You could help get pieces of pro-labor legislation passed in Tennessee.

-You could be part of a committee that works toward improving the infrastructure of our rapidly growing city.

-You could work with an organization that seeks to help lift up those in our community that are struggling.

-You could volunteer on a campaign to insure that local workers are hired for local construction projects.

All of these objectives are vital to the socioeconomic well-being of all of our Brothers and Sisters. When you are ready to join the fight, click here to Get Involved with Stand Up Nashville!

- Stay in the Know -

Stay on top of the latest from the Tennessee Legislature by clicking the link Tennessee General Assembly. Use the directory to look up your state senator or representative. Use it to follow what bills and potential legislation are being voted on. Use it to get contact information for your representatives when you need to voice your concerns. Stay in the know...